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  • Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!

    2011 - 07.09

    The high here today was 102 with a heat index of 105. But really, once it gets to 100 what difference does it make?

    It makes me think about summers in East Tennessee when I was a little girl. Do you remember getting hot in the summers when you were a kid? I know I got hot, I just don’t remember it. Things I do remember are: keep turning the pillow over to the cool side all night, having no air conditioner, just open windows with screens, lying on a “pallet” on the floor when I had to take a nap because the plastic couch made me sweat and putting my face in front of the box fan making “ooohh eeeww yeeee” noises until Mamaw threatened to get a switch.

    Did you have silly games you played in the summer? Since I was an only child until I was seven, I used my imagination a great deal. One of my favorite things was finding a long, nearly straight tree limb on the ground, getting a long piece of strong thread, tie it to the limb, then take a bobby pin, twist it into a “hook”, and go “fishing.” I’d find a large leaf, put it on the bobby pin, then flip the limb backward, as if I were casting, and let the leaf float to the ground in front of me. Then I’d pretend I was tugging, grunting, and dragged that Jaws-sized monster to “shore”. That was a lot of fun until I discovered that the deep drainage ditch behind our house was filled with water one day and I took my “pole” and “fish” and started casting into that water. I couldn’t swim and had been warned once already. When Mamaw looked out the kitchen window and caught me doing it again, I got my butt busted.

    When the girl next door was home we’d sometimes make mud pies and decorate them with flowers and purple clover. She’d dare me to eat the decorations and, well, I never passed up on a dare! I’d chew them up, open my mouth so she could see the shredded flowers, and she’d get grossed out. It was the highlight of my day.

    I remember walking to what we called “the little dam” with my cousins. It seemed a hundred miles away but was probably only about two miles. That fun came to a screaming halt the hot summer day two of my cousins beat all of us into the water only to scatter many snakes of different sizes, mama and babies.

    Come to think of it, I have an entire book of memories like those! It’s titled Saturday Night Cocoa Fudge and you can find it at http://tinyurl.com/3mqqcae

    Stay cool!

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