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    2010 - 03.27

    Safe in the Heart of a Miracle

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    Just when it seems all is lost, that hope is gone and death is a certainty, when doctors tell a dying patient’s family to make funeral arrangements, God steps in to prove he is still in charge. Wrapping his arms around a broken body, he saves what others would have lost. Here is the sequel to Beyond the Surgeon’s Touch. These are actual medical cases that defy logical explanation. But God’s miracles have always defied man’s logic and we are blessed because of it. Safe in the Heart of a Miracle is a selection of true stories that are testament to healing powers beyond the scope of our understanding and illustrates the human courage and tenacity to survive when all the odds are against us. This book is written from the perspective of those who lived such tragedies. Gloria speaks from the heart about pain and comfort, hope and despair, hopelessness and faith; and just when it seems all is lost, someone steps in to shine a miracle. The author grips her reader’s emotions, wraps them around her characters, and creates a heart-tugging bond. This is the sequel to Beyond the Surgeon’s Touch and I hope it’s followed with yet another book of true miracles. Read with a box of tissues at your side.–Carol Johnson-author of Autism: From Tragedy to Triumph and Everlasting, fiction finalist in Oklahoma Book of the Year Award and teacher of composition, literature, and creative writing at Tulsa Community College. Author, Gloria Teague, once again inspires the reader with stories that will give hope and lend courage to those struggling with difficult circumstances, whether physical or emotional, and reveal the thread of God’s healing touch in people’s lives. If you liked her earlier book, Beyond the Surgeon’s Touch, you’ll love Safe in the Heart of a Miracle.-M. Carolyn Steele, Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations.


    Beyond the Surgeon’s Touch

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    Do you feel that medical personnel are cold, unfeeling and put religion aside when they don the mask of their profession? Not true. The truth is they know that’s when they need religion the most-when they’re face to face with death. Beyond the Surgeon’s Touch is a book of stories based on actual events that brings the staff of emergency rooms and surgical suites to life and prove that they are, after all, just human. These are medical histories as related by hospital personnel who have been a witness to them. These stories illustrate that miracles can, and do, happen to average people more often than you may realize.


    Saturday Night Cocoa Fudge

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    Saturday Night Cocoa Fudge is the coming-of-age story in an era of bobby socks, poodle skirts and the freckled-faced girl that wore them. It’s also about the Deep South and sweetly flawed women who taught her what she was meant to be and what she was not meant to be.
    Their corner of the world was filled with folklore, superstition, and mystical ideas. Her grandmother believed and practiced most of these, passing them onto the next generation. The little girl’s life was populated with strange relatives, quirky neighbors and mysterious bible verses that could stop the flow of blood. Being a member of this bizarre family made life worth living. These people were so fiercely loyal in their love for her, for each other, she felt they deserved to have their story told.
    “Gloria has written some southern style, real to life episodes that are sure to entertain you in her Saturday Night Cocoa Fudge. Be careful how much you laugh – they could have happened to you.”
    – Dusty Richards, Spur Award Winning Author
    “With wit and wisdom, Gloria Teague takes us back to the innocent days of childhood in this delightful little book peopled with glorious eccentrics.” – Charles W. Sasser, author of God in the Foxhole and Devoted to Fishing.


    Through the Shadows

    A sensual, fictitious man has captured Victoria Stanfield’s imagination. She knows every inch of his heart, and body, because he is her own creation. Avery Norcross is the lustful hero in Victoria’s series of historical novels and she has made him into her ideal dream lover—on paper. Her husband begins to feel intimidated by a man that no mere mortal could compete with and, along with their inability to conceive; he grows angry and walks out of the marriage. As Victoria’s life begins to unravel she starts to sense there is a male presence still in her house. Not a ghost. Not a demon. She doesn’t find out the truth until her world crashes down around her.






    Couples come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes but nothing holds them together like love and romance.

    Six award-winning authors have contributed to this decidedly different book. A collection unlike any other, readers will enjoy this compilation of six diverse novellas; set in varying eras and situations, yet all have one thing in common: Romance.

    Each author offers her own slant on affairs of the heart, with a twist. Romance readers should find something to satisfy any appetite-suspense, historical, inspirational, paranormal, nostalgia or contemporary, all delivered with a character-inspired recipe at the end. They present you with love in all its delicious manifestations.

    Shattered Promises: Miranda Johnson never expected to see Wade Malone again–not in this life. But after a deadly plane crash reunites them, these former lovers will need to stay two steps ahead of a kidnapper to rekindle their love and mend shattered promises.

    Sips & Slices Synopsis: Sixty-year old Carl Chase regrets past choices in his life, including his relationship with his late wife. An unexpected ray of sunshine, Rebecca Sinclair, helps him find God’s peace and, together, discover that love the second time around is a beautiful blessing.

    Getting it Right: The Palace Hotel is haunted. When Wes House buys it to convert it to a bed and breakfast, he encounters one very ticked-off ghost. Together with psychic Sara Corcoran, Wes learns the dead don’t stay dead. Even from the grave they scheme.

    Muskadine Love: Half-breed, Viney Hawkins, is comfortable living in the Choctaw settlement near Calvin in Indian Territory, venturing out to fight for a job teaching in the white school. World traveling, oil wildcatter, business man, Stephen Marley has returned to his family home in Indian Territory to care for his aging and ill parents at the end of their lives. Will their love overcome his gambling, traveling spirit, and her homebody, gardening soul and let them find a way to forge a future together?

    Family Feud: Mark Wilson and Lisa Foster’s teenagers started dating, then introduced their parents who promptly fell in love, only to find the only thing worse than your kids dating is when they break up. Everyone soon discovers that love does not conquer all. Will the adults’ love be stronger than the teens’ bitterness, or will the crashing teen relationship destroy all their lives?







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