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    Gloria Teague’s World

    2010 - 08.28
    Look at the world through my eyes

    The World According to Gloria

    As a little red-haired girl I discovered that I lived in what was to become known as “The Zone”, a place never to singularly hear the voice of Rod Serling, see the profile of Alfred Hitchcock, or feel the jet-stream of a passing super hero, but a cacophonic blend of all of those. In “The Zone” I sang with Alvin and the other Chipmunks, rode with the Lone Ranger on my trusty stick horse, and wore my mother’s voluminous half slip on my head, visualizing it as long golden tresses sure to capture the eye and heart of my prince.  I was born in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains into the most wondrous, crazy family ever to bless a child.  My family told me that my imagination could be my best friend.  I’ve never had any reason to dispute that since it’s helped me to cope with life’s bumps and bruises. It’s even boosted my checking account a few times.

    This life started out in LaFollette, Tennessee (go Owls! Hooot Hoooot!) where I lived until I was six.  I was then launched into the life as an Air Force dependent.  Spending time in my hometown during summers and between tours of duty kept my toe in the southern waters of my home state.

    My lifelong love affair with lying, uh, writing began early.  I not only walked around with my head in the imaginative clouds but I orchestrated the catching of fire flies (or lightening bugs), putting them in a ventilated jar, then gathered my cousins and friends around so I could make up the scariest stories I could come up with. Only when the youngest or weakest were crying or running into the house screaming was I satisfied with my storytelling abilities.

    While living in France, at the age of 12, my first lucrative opportunity to write was presented. There was a European-wide essay and the subject was to be about “Law Day”, something patriotic and inspiring.  There was to be only ten winners and I was one of them.  The grand prize was spending a day in a local courtroom in whichever country the winner lived in.  Though my French at that time was very limited, I thoroughly enjoyed the verbal sparring in the court. Lunch was part of the prize, spent at a lovely outdoor café. While lying in bed that night, I had an epiphany. “I dream up something, put words on paper and if someone likes them, I get rewarded for doing what I would gladly do for free.”  A writer was born! Of course now that I’m older, I realize “free” isn’t as appealing as a check in hand.

    I’ve won various awards in writing competitions and a few of those winning stories were from Saturday Night Cocoa Fudge.

    It is my pleasure to be a member of Tulsa Nightwriters and have the honor of being the editor of NightScripts, the organization’s newsletter.  I’m also a member of Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. (OWFI).

    I have two daughters and live on lovely Lake Keystone in Oklahoma with a confused but accepting husband, a very spoiled Boston terrier named Tiger and a Pom named Barkley.